Why We Give

Thanks for taking the time to check out what we’re giving to at Thrive. Here’s a bit more information to help you decide if investing into Thrive is your thing. At Thrive we give to:

At Thrive we believe God has called us to reach thousands of people for Christ. Our Vision is:

To be an expression of Jesus love and truth in the Community to bring hope, help and healing to thousands.

And your giving will help us to outwork that Vision, to become more like Christ and reach people for Jesus. Why don’t you join us?

In 2014 and 2015, Thrive and its members have given to support mission overseas. We currently have 3 of our young people on Mission in two separate locations in Asia and one who ventured to Chile and Africa. Thrive is passionate about giving opportunities to our young people to venture out beyond our patch and we enjoy hearing their testimonies upon return as they introduce others to Christ.

Since 2011, Thrive has partnered with Baptist World Aid (BWA) and give specifically to a Community in Nepal. Refer https://www.baptistworldaid.org.au/get-involved/church-partnerships-2/

We also take up Special Offerings whenever Natural Disaster hits.

We invite people to give a gold coin donation when they receive their café style coffee at Thrive and all funds go towards the Mission/Aid cause for the month.

We believe it’s Gods will that one day he’ll provide us with our own home. If you’d like to help us to achieve this goal we’d greatly value your generous gift or even a bequest from a will. If you would like to give to the Building Fund please give to:

Thrive Church
BSB 704922
ACC 100007447

Thank you so much for considering giving at Thrive. We really appreciate your support.


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