"God so loved the world that he gave…" John 3:16

We are all recipients of God’s amazing generosity and grace and because of that, our only reasonable response is to give back.

At Thrive, we believe that the base line for giving is through tithing, which literally means 10% of your income. It acts as a reminder that God supplies all our needs, teaching us to put God first in our lives. It is simply returning to God, part of what He has so richly given to us. When you bring your tithe and give your offering at Thrive Church, you enable the ministry and influence of Thrive to grow, supporting our vision to bring hope, help and healing to our area, and indeed, beyond.

Weekly Giving (tithing):

Supports the ongoing ministry of Thrive Church.

Electronic: Westpac Bank
BSB: 032514
Acc #: 172172
Cash: on Sunday
Cheque: PO Box 168 Toronto NSW 2283

Beyond the tithe:

This is an opportunity to be extravagantly generous, by giving towards a building fund to provide a home for Thrive so that we may more effectively carry out our mission and vision.

Electronic: Baptist Financial Services
BSB: 704922
Acc #: 100007447
Cash: on Sunday
(clearly marked with "Building Fund")
Cheque: PO Box 168 Toronto NSW 2283
(clearly marked with "Building Fund")

Special Giving:

Supports mission and aid work that Thrive Church is connected to, like creating healthy homes in Nepal.


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